Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Group Insanity: The CUFI War Cult

CUFI is one of the many Christian Zionist organisations that the American Israel lobby manipulates to its advantage. The Jerusalem Summit, a hard-line, Islamophobic Zionist outfit that advocates a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict based on relocating the indigenous Palestinians from Palestine to other countries, provides us with an insight into how Jewish groups perceive the Evangelical Christian Right as an asset to Zionism:

[The Jerusalem Summit] endeavors to cultivate "awareness of [the] fact that the Evangelical Christian community is both a strategic ally and a strategic asset for Israel. This is a community which has not only demonstrated its staunch and unflinching support for the State of Israel and the People of Israel, but is also the only segment of humanity which has (a) the spiritual energy, (b) the numerical mass, and (c) the moral resolve to effectively confront the phenomenon of global Islamism." [source]

Not "global terrorism" or even "Islamic extremism" - "global Islamism", as in the religion itself. What the Jerusalem Summit is saying is that the Evangelical Christian community is an asset to the Zionist war on Islam.

Below is a PBS documentary hosted by Bill Moyers about the radical right wing Christians United For Israel cult, led by deluded Zionist lapdog Pastor John Hagee.

The rabidly Zionist evangelical Christian right constitutes some of the most powerfully visible evidence that Zionism is the premier threat to world peace. Watching these flag-waving religious nut-jobs cheer and weep and pray with fervour for the annihilation of Iran and its people is about as scary as it gets.

This is group insanity in its rawest form. These cultists are the embodiment of fanaticism and the unfathomable danger of institutionalised delusion. These are America's Christian equivalents to Israel's insanely racist Talmudic Zionist Jews. And they would have us believe that 'God' approves of this madness, and 'founded Israel'. T'would be a God most unholy with hands most unclean that would give rise and sustenance to that shitty little state.

God save us from these fucking lunatics.


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