Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Jewish Face of Congress

"No words can express our gratitude to you for the years of your generous support, understanding and cooperation, which are all but beyond compare in modern history."

Yitzhak Rabin in a 1994 speech to the U.S. Congress

The Forward is worth checking out from time to time, in order to keep an eye on the machinations of American Jewry.

There would be enough members for a whole new minyan in Congress if all the Jewish candidates running for federal office were elected next month.

Regardless of the election outcome, Jews continue to be well represented, at least in terms of raw numbers, on Capitol Hill. Though Jews are only about 2% of America’s total population, Jewish lawmakers already represent nearly 10% of Congress. They include 29 Jews in the House and 13 in the Senate.

That means the Senate is 13% Jewish, since there are 100 members in total.

All but three — Virginia’s Eric Cantor in the House, and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Norm Coleman of Minnesota in the Senate — are Democrats. Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is considered an Independent, but he remains a registered Democrat despite his hearty support for Republican nominee John McCain.

That makes perfect sense in light of the fact that a full 50% of the Democratic party's political donations come from rich Jewish donors, as another article from the Forward reveals.

[Strategists] say that money from Jewish donors constitutes about half the donations given to national Democratic candidates (an extremely large pot of gelt long coveted by the GOP).

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh on Jewish money controlling the American political process, in an interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now: 

 SEYMOUR HERSH: Money. A lot of the Jewish money from New York. Come on, let's not kid about it. A significant percentage of Jewish money, and many leading American Jews support the Israeli position that Iran is an existential threat. And I think it’s as simple as that. When you’re from New York and from New York City, you take the view of -- right now, when you’re running a campaign, you follow that line. And there’s no other explanation for it, because [Hilary Clinton is] smart enough to know the downside.

AMY GOODMAN: And Obama and Edwards?

SEYMOUR HERSH: I -- you know, it’s shocking. It’s really surprising and shocking, but there we are. That’s American politics circa 2007.

As for the Gentile majority in Congress, their pro-Israel dispositions are probably more attributable to AIPAC's deathgrip on the House and Senate than their philosophical positions and actual policy preferences.

It is widely acknowledged that the reps and senators are ticked at AIPAC, and their hostility seems to be growing these days. With upwards of 60% of their campaign contributions coming directly or indirectly from the Israel Lobby, the Democratic congressmen are not free to respond to their antiwar base. This opens them to an antiwar electoral challenge on the Left or Right from forces not subservient to AIPAC. And that could cost them their next election, a little thing which has them very worked up. Capuano's cry of "AIPAC" was no simple outburst of candor but a cri de coeur for his career.

So here we have even Congressmen and Senator's aides complaining publicly about AIPAC.

More about AIPAC's influence on the Congress from an article at The Nation:

In early March, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its forty-seventh annual conference in Washington. AIPAC's executive director spent twenty-seven minutes reading the "roll call" of dignitaries present at the gala dinner, which included a majority of the Senate and a quarter of the House, along with dozens of Administration officials.

As this event illustrates, it's impossible to talk about Congress's relationship to Israel without highlighting AIPAC, the American Jewish community's most important voice on the Hill. The Congressional reaction to Hezbollah's attack on Israel and Israel's retaliatory bombing of Lebanon provide the latest example of why.

On July 18, the Senate unanimously approved a nonbinding resolution "condemning Hamas and Hezbollah and their state sponsors and supporting Israel's exercise of its right to self-defense." After House majority leader John Boehner removed language from the bill urging "all sides to protect innocent civilian life and infrastructure," the House version passed by a landslide, 410 to 8.

AIPAC not only lobbied for the resolution; it had written it. "They [Congress] were given a resolution by AIPAC," said former Carter Administration National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who addressed the House Democratic Caucus on July 19. "They didn't prepare one."

Also see this letter from former U.S. Senator James Abourezk to Jeffrey Blankfort.
I can tell you from personal experience that, at least in the Congress, the support Israel has in that body is based completely on political fear--fear of defeat by anyone who does not do what Israel wants done. I can also tell you that very few members of Congress--at least when I served there--have any affection for Israel or for its Lobby. What they have is contempt, but it is silenced by fear of being found out exactly how they feel. I've heard too many cloakroom conversations in which members of the Senate will voice their bitter feelings about how they're pushed around by the Lobby to think otherwise. In private one hears the dislike of Israel and the tactics of the Lobby, but not one of them is willing to risk the Lobby's animosity by making their feelings public.

But AIPAC aside, there's a significant Shabbat goy component sitting in the U.S. Congress, many of them having been groomed, courted and ultimately converted by AIPAC's brainwashing operation, the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF).

In August 2007, nearly 10% of the House of Representatives visited the Apartheid State in just two weeks, funded entirely by the AIEF. And that's just 14 days out of a 365 day year. Nearly all of the Congress is sent to Israel for what Bradley Gordon of AIPAC describes as "educational programming". It has been suggested by some members of Congress that these brainwashing trips should be made illegal.

Referring to the August 2007 congressional mass exodus to the Terror State, Paul Craig Roberts writes:

According to news reports, another 40 are following these two groups during the August recess, and “by the time the year is out every single member of Congress will have made their rounds in Israel.” This claim is probably overstated, but it does show careful Israeli management of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Former Israeli Knesset Member Uri Avenim hits the nail on the head in the final paragraphs of his article The Best Senate Money Can Buy, originally published by Haaretz:
In the US Congress they talk, not only of granting Israel the money it asks for, but also of exciting initiatives of goodwill as, for example, the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Such steps are bound, of course, to undermine the US position and prestige in all the Islamic states; but such considerations do not worry most Congress and Senate members overmuch, as their sole aim is to be re-elected.

The paying of donations to US administration officials is considered one of the most vital sections of Israeli expenditure. Once having paid these tributes to US officials, Israel is thus guaranteed, in return, huge sums of money in the form of US grants.

For the $4.25m Israel has paid to prime the US Congress, Israel will receive a US grant totalling $2.6bn. for its money, therefore, Israel will have struck the bargain of the century, receiving an interest of 60,000 per cent on its original investment. The extra grant to Israel will increase that interest even more.

Had it been possible to cure the Israeli economic disease with the flood of US dollars, there would have been no problem. The problem is that all this cash flow is to no avail for, according to many economic experts, such arrangements make the situation even more complicated.

One thing, however, is quite clear: Israel is not the 51st state of the United States of America, as some would like to think; rather, the US Congress is one of the occupied areas of Israel.

America is truly Israel's bitch.

Update: There are now a total of 45 Jews in Congress - 32 in the House and 13 in the Senate - setting an all time record. See 'Record no. of Jews elected to Congress', Jerusalem Post, November 5.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Never Ending Story of Jewish Violence

It's olive harvest season in the West Bank, and militant Jewish racists who inhabit the illegal settlements throughout Occupied Palestine are again determined to cause as much grief as possible for struggling Palestinian farmers. Even human rights activists seeking to provide protection for the farmers come under attack from these violent Zionist loons.

Already hundreds of olive trees have been torched in Nablus by these nutcases, some of them hundreds of years old, while the complicit IOF not only refuses to prevent the Jewish attacks but provides them with practical and moral support  (see also this outrageous incident for a recent example) and goes about arresting and kidnapping Palestinians just for good measure.

Yesterday, Friday, Oct 10:
Elderly Man, Two Kids Injured In West Bank Settler Attack
Israeli settlers injured six Palestinians as they harvested their olive trees near the illegal Israeli settlement of Brachah.

Medical sources at Radefia hospital told Ma’an that six residents of the village south of Nablus suffered bruises, fractures and wounds after settlers assaulted them. Among the victims were two children and an elderly Palestinian man.

Hospital officials identified the two injured children as eight-year-old Hesham Fayez Fathi Mansur and 12-year-old Madeeha Nassar Rashed Mansur.

70-year-old Fathi Rasheed Mansur, as well as Ibtisam Naasar Rasheed and Manal Wasfi Rasheed Mansur, both 30, were also injured in the attack.
A Palestinian Authority (PA) official responsible for village affairs told Ma’an that “dozens of Israeli settlers” attacked the Palestinians.

The official, Ghassan Daghlas, said the settlers “beat and threw stones at the residents” of the village on Friday.

This is typical:

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EU Condemns Settler Acts of Brutality

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Four Settlers Held For Firing Indiscriminately at Palestinian Village in West Bank

'One Country for One People': Racist Settlers Call on PM to Reject Two State Solution

Israeli settlers set fire of Palestinian owned lands in northern West Bank

Lawlessness From Settlers

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in northern West Bank

Israeli settlers attack two Nablus villages

Settlers Shoot Palestinian While Israeli Soldiers Stand and Watch

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen Linked to Mossad

U.S. embassy in Sanaa, Yemen

Remember the attack on the U.S. embassy in Yemen last month that took the lives of eighteen people? A group calling themselves "Islamic Jihad" claimed responsibility for the blast. It has a nice, scary ring to it hasn't it? "Islamic Jihad" also happens to be the name of a group that operates out of Gaza.

"Islamic Jihad" pointedly mentioned its affiliation with al Qaeda after claiming responsibility for the September 17 U.S. embassy bombing:

"We, the Organisation of Islamic Jihad, belonging to the Al-Qaeda network, repeat our demand of (Yemeni President) Ali Abdullah Saleh to free our detained brothers within 48 hours," said a statement signed by self-proclaimed leader Abu Ghaith al-Yamani.

Former agent for French military intelligence Pierre-Henry Bunel has this to say about 'al Qaeda':

"The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the 'TV watcher' to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism..."

Well now the Yemeni authorities have arrested a group of these al Qaeda-backed militants with, surprise surprise, links to Israeli intelligence.

From BBC News:

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.

Mr Saleh did not say what evidence had been found to show the group's links with Israel, a regional enemy of Yemen.

The arrests were connected with an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa last month which killed at least 18 people, official sources were quoted saying.

Israel's foreign ministry has rejected the accusation as "totally ridiculous".

"A terrorist cell was arrested and will be referred to the judicial authorities for its links with the Israeli intelligence services," Mr Saleh told a gathering at al-Mukalla University in Hadramawt province.

"Details of the trial will be announced later. You will hear about what goes on in the proceedings," he added.

The 17 September attack was the second to target the US embassy since April. Militants detonated car bombs before firing rockets at the heavily fortified building.

Mr Saleh did not identify the suspects, but official sources were quoted saying it was same cell - led by a militant called Abu al-Ghaith al-Yamani - whose arrest was announced a week after the attack.

An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman said the Yemeni president's statement was without foundation.

"To believe that Israel would create Islamist cells in Yemen is really far-fetched. This is yet another victory for the proponents of conspiracy theories," Igal Palmor said in remarks reported by AFP.

And from the Yemen Observer:

President Saleh revealed on Monday that security forces in Yemen caught an espionage network for Israel made up of Arab nationals. This announcement came during his speech in front of MP's, Shura Council members, local council members, scholars and military and security leaders at Hadhramout University.

According to the president the suspected spies will be brought before the courts shortly in a public trial after investigations are complete.

The network was comprised of 40 people from different Arab nationalities spying for Mossad, the Israeli international intelligence said sources from National and Political Security Units. The members of the espionage network entered Yemen on the premise of conducting business, tourism and even for preaching in mosques. Saleh said that the suspected spies form a terrorism cell that uses also Islam to reach their targets.Members were arrested individually and found to be in possession of detailed maps for sensitive security sites, intelligence telecommunication units and advanced tracking devices.

And from another Oct 8 news report:
Dubai, Oct 8 (IANS) A terrorist cell busted in Yemen last month after a suicide attack on the US embassy there had links with an Israeli intelligence agency, the state-run Saba news agency reported. The report, quoting an unnamed source, said investigations and data retrieved from a computer seized from the cell, showed there was correspondence between the Islamic Jihad group’s deputy leader Bassam Abdullah Fadhel Al-Haidari and an Israeli intelligence agency.

Saba quoted the source as saying that the correspondence between the two sides included a request from the Israeli side to implement terrorist attacks inside Yemen.

Update: Here is the Saba news report mentioned above.

BBC: The Myth of al Qaeda

Jewish "al Qaeda"