Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Jewish Terrorists of the JDO and JDL

JDO militants pose for a photo at their
training ground, Camp Jabotinsky

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the photo above depicts a group of violent crazies from an illegal settlement somewhere in the West Bank, but these are American Jews, members of the extremist New York-based Jewish Defense Organization (JDO).

Check out the JDO website for some light entertainment. These militant Zionist Jews are hardcore Kahanist Jabotinskyites -- fans of the criminal founder of the Irgun, Ze'ev (or Vladimir) Jabotinsky. The head of the JDO, Mordechai Levy, is a criminal himself, having spent 18 months of a 4½ year sentence in prison for attempted murder after trying to shoot Jewish Defense League (JDL) leader Irv Rubin. Rubin is another criminal Jew who got prison time for plotting bomb attacks in a mosque and in the office of Arab-American congressman Darrel Issa. He later committed suicide in prison. The Jew who tried to kill him, our JDO militant Mordechai Levy, was also charged with a July 2000 assault on a 12 year old boy at a JDO "summer camp", and pleaded guilty. What is it with Jews and violence?

A militant Zionist Jew teaches a little Jewish kid how
to deal with the Goyim at a JDO "summer camp"

To finally put to rest the silly myth that Jews are more intelligent than the rest of us, check out the grammar of these JDO dufuses:


Violently stupid, and deceitful as well. Lies are underlined, violence is in bold:

Tonight JDO Security Team beat a group of Moslem terrorists from the PLO and Hamas along with a group of anarchists who had accompanied them physically at their "Death to Israel, Death to the Jews " protest. Why? The reason was tonight well meaning Jews had organized a concert for Israel at Radio City Music Hall at which five thousand Jews were coming to hear top entertainers. JDO had gotten info that PLO and Hamas were going to come to ruin this Israel concert.At 7:30 Pm JDO ST had arrived and across the street were 500 vile Israel hating and Jew-Hating demonstrators calling for the Jews in Israel to be slaughtered and killed and supporting bombings against Jews in Israel and worldwide against Jews done by Islamic terrorists. Strangely enough one third of the group of anarchists and communists chanting the same and passing out flyers [sic] praising armed PLO and Hamas attacks on Jews, were Jews themselves!! Art [sic] this point JDO ST had plans to really wreck their march, but at 8 PM the PLO, Hamas and Israel hating anarchists charged from across the street to beat, pummel and push the many Jews waiting in line for the pro-Israel concert. JDO ST thank G-D immediately physically fought off these vile attackers of Jews. Thank G-D many in JDO routed the PLO and Hamas and stopped them from seriously hurting Jews. Many Jews in the crowd joined with JDO to literally beat back the attackers who then ran.

Actually, those referred to as the "PLO and Hamas" were in fact a non-violent group of anti-Zionist activists called Jews Remember The Nakba, and they weren't passing out "flyers praising armed PLO and Hamas attacks on Jews". This is what was on the flyers they were handing out:

No time to celebrate! Jews remember the nakba: standing in solidarity with 60+ years of Palestinian resistance to Zionism. This May, while Israel marks 60 years of statehood, Palestinians around the world mourn 60 years since the Nakba - Arabic for 'catastrophe.' [Source]

If I had to bet on who started the aggro, my money would go straight on the militant right wing Kahanist karate-practising gun-nuts I'm writing this article about, not the compassionate, empathetic, antiwar bleeding hearts of Jews Remember The Nakba.

Not surprisingly, the JDO supports the immediate release of Israeli spy Johnathan Pollard, who they describe as a 'hero'. As far as hawkish American Jewry is concerned, imperiling the United States for Israel's sake is the moral duty of any self-respecting Jew. This is what the JDO website says about Pollard:

POLLARD CAUGHT GIVING INFORMATION TO ISRAEL YEARS AGO: A SO CALLED SPY FOR ISRAEL THAT GAVE INFO ON SADDAM HUSSEIN'S PLOTS TO TRY AND USE NUKES (Heaven Forbid) or chemical weapons on Israel that the US Government had found out about. Pollard, then working for the US Navy, passed the info to Israel to help protect it! Pollard for this act of heroism, has been sitting 18 years in prison. Why?

This is why, you disingenuous Zionist twats. Pollard did substantially more than just pass on information about Iraq and its "nukes":

Pollard caused enormous damage to U.S. national security. He gave Israel top-secret U.S. military intelligence and diplomatic codes; names of nearly 100 U.S. agents in the Mideast, who were then "turned" by Israel; NSA code-breaking techniques and targets; intercepts of foreign communications; and U.S. war-fighting plans for the Mideast.

According to CIA sources, Pollard provided Israeli intelligence with names of important American agents inside the former Soviet Union and Russia who had supplied information on East Bloc weapons and war plans. How the agents' names were linked to the secrets they supplied - a major breach of basic intelligence security - remains a mystery.

Some of the enormously sensitive secrets stolen by Pollard may have been either sold, or bartered, by Israel to the Soviet Union.

A number of key CIA agents in the East Bloc were allegedly executed as a result of Pollard's spying. The KGB likely gained access to top-secret U.S. codes - either directly from Israel, or through spies in Israel's government. In short, Pollard's treachery caused one of the worst security disasters in modern U.S. history

According to Seymour Hersh, Pollard himself estimates that the top secret intelligence he passed on to Israel and its agents would add up to a "stack six feet wide, six feet long, and ten feet high". The JDO, like its counterparts at the ADL, AIPAC, half the Congress and almost the entire Bush administration, hardly bother to conceal where their true loyalty lies. They don't need to while they have us convinced that questioning Israel is tantamount to antisemitism, which is of course the whole idea behind the ADL, and its primary function. It's groups like these that together constitute the power network generally referred to as the Israel lobby, and if we could just wake up to the dangers of it as a collective and act accordingly, we'd see peace break out and miracles happen.


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