Friday, July 2, 2010

Israel: World Tired of Us

The Daily Zionist | Tel Aviv | July 2, 2010

Israeli Minister of Trade, Industry and Labor, Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, says the world is tired of Israel and that Israel, rather than the Gaza Strip, is actually the terrorist state.

"We're the ones maintaining a blockade. And we too are blockaded, utterly isolated. This business just isn't working anymore. We're in a situation where the world is tired of us," the Jewish Daily quoted Ben-Eliezer as saying in an interview in the Yediot Ahronot Friday supplement.

"They're tired of hearing our excuses, of feigning sympathy for us under pressure from our lobbies, when all we do is kill and oppress. (The world is) Tired of trying to understand us. No one believes our bullshit anymore. After 43 years, nobody wants to hear any more excuses about why this occupation is continuing and how we have nobody to talk to," Eliezer continued.

Born in 1936 in Basra in southern Iraq, Binyamin “Fuad” Ben-Eliezer is the senior leader of the Labor Party’s hawkish wing, a tough-as-nails ex-general and a seasoned war criminal.

Mossad Chief Meir Dagan expressed similar concerns. "It's true that the international community is fed up with our incessant lies, which spew forth like the political equivalent of the BP oil rig blowout", he said. "Of course we're the terrorists. We invented modern terrorism, we were founded on terrorism and we continue to thrive on it. We grew up on terror and racism and we're addicted to it. And as I mentioned not long ago, we're a burden on the United States and have no strategic relevance to them at all." Dagan is celebrated in Israel for his no-nonsense approach to being a war criminal and his history of cutting off Palestinians' heads with Japanese knives.

The comments have encouraged other Israeli officials to come clean about the Jewish state's true nature. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's bizarre response to the surprising outpouring of honesty from across the Israeli political spectrum came from his office in the form of a press release, which simply read: "Holocaust! 6 million, holocaust, holocaust, victims, holocaust holocaust."

In an unusual demonstration of unanimity, an Israeli cross-party motion is urging the parliament to pass legislation that will mandate an official Israeli confession to the people of Occupied Palestine and the international community that the Zionist regime has been full of shit all along on a wide range of issues, including the 2008-09 Gaza offensive, the recent flotilla massacre, the USS Liberty incident of 1967 and even the origins of the state itself and its ostensible legitimacy.

"The motion will be adopted. There's no doubt," Tal Nachum, spokesman for the far-right Yisrael Beiteinu party, told Reuters late Thursday. "At this point, I think if we could sever economic, diplomatic and military ties with ourselves, we would. We're so fucking full of shit that even we can't bear us anymore."

The Obama White House has thus far remained conspicuously silent on the recent developments in Jerusalem, amid escalating tension in Washington. Josh Block, spokesman for the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), told the Daily Zionist that Israel has become one of at least eight "existential threats" to itself and must be stopped. AIPAC has scheduled urgent meetings with members of Congress in order to tell them what to do, think and say in response to the issue. According to sources close to AIPAC, Jewish lobbyists are busy drafting legislation for lawmakers calling on the U.S. government to deliver a $6 billion emergency security assistance package to Israel, including four state-of-the-art F22 fighter jets.

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), reflexively issued a statement condemning American and Israeli leaders for their "recidivistic anti-Semitism" and blasting the Jewish state as a nation of "self-hating Jews".

Inspired by two real PressTV articles: World tired of us: Israeli minister, July 1, and German motion urges end to Gaza siege, July 2.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, isn't that William
According to Wiki(jew)pedia
Shatner's father signed the first
Israeli constitution.

What an oxymoron.

Infensus Mentis said...

Israel doesn't have a constitution like real states do. If it did, it might have to start behaving democratically and start recognising things like Palestinian rights.

(That's Ben-Eliezer in the photo, but it does look like William Shatner :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting site, a few comments on the presentation if I may:
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keep up the good work

Infensus Mentis said...

Thanks for the advice. I don't like the faintness of the blockquoted text either, but I don't know how to change it. I can see where to change the text colour, but I don't see an option for changing the inset blockquoted text. If you can tell me how, I'll fix it.


Anonymous said...

Blockquote color - this should help:

in your case you want to find
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The print thing is a bit more involved but there are a variety of help guides on the web.

Infensus Mentis said...

Done, grey36 (#4E4848) for now. Dark green doesn't make sense aesthetically. Thanks for your help, my anonymous friend.

Anonymous said...

this is an mk ultra experiment done by antizionist & antizeminists

Anonymous said...

they were back by the rothchilds

Musique said...

Hola cousin COZ! Hopefully you're doing okie in julia ghoulia's kingdom or is it queendom? I give up! :D

It made my blood boiling when I saw this:

Palestinians learn about the Holocaust in Israel

Oh, lemme guess ...they want Palestinian people to shed tears for their abusers? Feel sorry for their cooked up bloated past? Oh my fuckin God, this must be the sickest joke I've ever seen in my life!

Infensus Mentis said...

Hey bro! Thanks for dropping by.

The Israeli initiative to indoctrinate Palestinians with Holocaust guilt is as nauseating as it is unsurprising. Who better to lay a holocaust trip on than the very people you're holocausting? Or should that be holo-castrating? said...

Did you even read the article? It is surely impossible to deny that the Holocaust played a huge part in the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. It doesn't matter what your moral opinion of that influence is. It exists. The Holocaust happened. Do you not think it odd that Palestinian children are not given any historical context for the arrival of a large number European Jews in the mid 40s?

As you can read in the article, the Palestinian students who visited Yad Vashem were perfectly free to make their own minds up about whether or not the Holocaust is any kind of justification for Israel, but without ever hearing about it, they would not have this intellectual freedom.

I think your objections make you look foolish.

Infensus Mentis said...

Yes, there are Jews in Palestine and they immigrated there en masse after WWII, but how is that relevant today? What relevance does the so-called Holocaust have to ongoing settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank? What relevance does it have to the Judaisation of East Jerusalem? Are the Palestinians supposed to accept their own displacement because of the decades-old misfortunes of their oppressors?

Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it.

Infensus Mentis said...

You've just given me a good idea for an illustrated satire / cartoon.

Palestinian children languishing in the huge, blockaded, open-air prison that is Gaza duck for cover as white phosphorus rains down upon their UN-sanctioned school. "Drop the school books, tomato paste, lentils, macaroni and hearing aids and put your hands on your heads!" shouts an IDF commando from his U.S.-supplied, taxpayer-funded Apache helicopter gunship.

"But why?" cries one of the little girls. "We've done nothing to deserve this treatment, and we'll have nothing to eat!"

The soldier smiles endearingly, touched by the little girl's naiveté. "Sweetheart, we're here because something very, very bad happened to us six decades ago, in a place far, far away. We call it the Shoah. You'll understand some day."

"Oh, ok then", says the little girl. "We'll stick to the roadkill." said...

I find your humour at the expense of the suffering Gazans to be in very poor taste.

That's not satire, it's just sick humour. I have no idea why you would think starving children are good fodder for your jokes. Shame on you.

Again, go back and read the article.

A Palestinian student from the occupied West Bank:

"heads one of a handful of Palestinian grass-roots groups seeking knowledge about the Holocaust.

On Wednesday, he led a delegation of 22 students to Israel's official Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem. The students, fasting for Ramadan, listened closely to their Arabic-speaking guide's explanations, and were left wide-eyed by the gruesome images of the death camps."

There is no IDF involvement.

This is not an Israeli initiative.

Read the article, you twit.

No Israeli money has been put into this. No one is Israel is asking Palestinians to learn about the Holocaust. You're just making stuff up without even reading the source material.

I'll ask you again, with little expectation of a straight answer: Why are you against Palestinian's voluntarily choosing to learn about the Holocaust?

Infensus Mentis said...

Firstly, it's ridiculously disingenuous of you to suggest that I'm making jokes at the expense of the suffering Gazans, as you rightly describe them. I'm clearly pro-Palestinian, and if you check the links embedded in the text - the punchline in particular - you'll see that the story is too. I challenge you to explain how my little anecdote comes at the expense of Palestinian children, whose plight it unambiguously illustrates. The "fodder" for my "jokes" is Israel, not the hapless Palestinians.

"This is not an Israeli initiative."

Actually, I missed that (there's the straight and honest answer you didn't expect). But surely you're not unaware of Israeli initiatives to lay holocaust trips on Palestinians and the world at large. From the same article:

Two years ago, Yad Vashem launched an Arabic version of its website to combat Holocaust denial in the Arab world and provide credible historic material to those who seek it. A similar version in Farsi was aimed at Iran, whose president has called the Holocaust a "myth."

That's an Israeli initiative. But hey, fine, whatever. Another initiative is the state of Israel's indoctrination of its own children with xenophobic, Zionist nonsense. That kind of "education" will only worsen the rampant racism and radicalism that characterises Israeli society.

The Holocaust industry flourishes even as the self-styled victims and their brainwashed progeny continue to genocide the Palestinians and usurp their land with impunity. That's what sickens me, and if you're pro-Palestinian I would expect you to understand that. said...

"But surely you're not unaware of Israeli initiatives to lay holocaust trips on Palestinians"

Er.. actually I am. Please provide links of Israel "laying" Holocaust trips on Palestinians.

Translating a website into Arabic hardly counts as laying a trip on somebody, does it? In fact Arabic is one of the official languages of Israel. If Yad Vashem gets government funding (which I think it does) it is legally obliged to provide all official material (including its website) in Arabic. But you shouldn't let a little fact like that get in the way of your rant.

I actually have some sympathy with the concept of the "Holocaust Industry", nevertheless I must object your description of survivors of concentration camps as "self-styled victims". Have you ever met a survivor? Have you seen the tattoo? I assure you these people did not style it themselves. Please retract this disgusting description. said...

I'm also concerned when you say Israel continues "to genocide the Palestinians". How long, do you think, a genocide can legitimacy continue before you can say it's failed in its major objective?

It seems to me that if our intention was genocide then we've done a bloody awful job of it. President Arafat claimed that some 20,000 Palestinians were killed by the Jordanians in 11 days in Black September. In the subsequent 40 years, Israel hasn't managed "to genocide" anything close to that number. Check the stats on B'Tselem's site (unless, of course you want to accuse B'Tselem of anti-Palestinian bias). said...

I find your prose rabid and knowingly inaccurate.

I find your claim to be pro-Palestinan a little suspicious. How often do you visit Gaza? The West Bank? Do you support Hamas? For example do you support the attack by the armed wing of Hamas on a car carrying civilians in the West Bank yesterday? Two men and two women were shot to death. One of the women was pregnant. Do you consider that a justifiable response to occupation? Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, has condemned the attack. Will you do the same?

How do you feel about Hamas's treatment of homosexuals? Women? Supposed collaborators? Members of Fatah?

"Another initiative is the state of Israel's indoctrination of its own children with xenophobic, Zionist nonsense."

My 12 year old daughter started school today. I assure you no one is indoctrinating her with any "xenophobic Zionist nonsense". She is too busy preparing for her Maths test while listening to Justin Bieber. My oldest son has chosen to study Arabic this year. His course will cover history, poetry and literature as well as language. It will not cover hate and scaremongering. Nobody is interested in demonizing people based on race or religion. It's just not part of the school experience.

I live in Israel (within '67 borders). I have spent time in the Gaza strip and the West Bank. I exercise my democratic duty to try to get my government to do the right thing. I live and work with Jews, Muslims and Christians. We shop together, go to movies together and play in the same parks and pools.

I believe in the right of our Palestinian neighbours to self-determination and a negotiated two-state solution. I live here. I pay my taxes here. What exactly are you contributing apart from anger and mistrust?

Infensus Mentis said...

You've raised some fair points, even if your objections are largely based on semantics.

I consider Israel's policy of indefinite, continuing expansion, colonisation and land theft to be one that basically amounts to a kind of slow-boil genocide, even if I'm forced to concede that the term is technically inaccurate. Consider a hypothetical scenario in which settlement expansion and Palestinian displacement continues at its current rate. That will necessarily require the eventual elimination or resettlement of the entire Palestinian population, which is a sterling idea to the far right in your country who, by the way, enjoy popular support in Israel, as evidenced by the last election and its frightening outcome. I could supply you with endless quotes from Israeli officials in avid support of Palestinian relocation, but I doubt I need to. Even worse are the views of certain religious authorities in your country, who encourage their settler disciples to outright kill their Arab cohabitants, including their children, with God's blessing.

The brutal occupation of Palestine itself is, arguably, one big Holocaust trip. The Holocaust is the most touted excuse for Israel's existence, and Israel's most valuable political capital. The Holocaust and "anti-Semitism" is effective leverage against the international community's objections to Israel's complete disregard for international law. (You cherry-picked "Palestinian" from my last comment to preclude my point about Israel's penchant for laying Holocaust trips on the rest of the world.)

No, I haven't visited Palestine, and I don't plan to until I'm done with the rest of the Middle East. I don't fancy the idea of being stabbed or ripped off by an angry hotelier in Cairo or Amman for having 'Israel' stamped on my passport. I've never seen a whale but I still support the Sea Shepherd, and I'd hazard a guess that I know more about Israeli history than the average settler.

Yes, I do know a Holocaust survivor, and I've spoken with another at length over the Internet. One of my father's clients is a Holocaust survivor and an award-winning author (as many are -- authors, that is) who did time in the Bergen-Belsen labour camp during WWII. And I like her, she's a lovely old biddy. According to my dad, though, she was a ruthless landlord and a real bitch in her younger years, but that's neither here nor there. She's honest, and that's all that matters to me as a Holocaust skeptic (when I asked her about the worst thing she ever saw there, she told me it was a Russian officer being shot in the yard - no tall tales).

Infensus Mentis said...

I believe in the right of our Palestinian neighbours to self-determination and a negotiated two-state solution. I live here. I pay my taxes here. What exactly are you contributing apart from anger and mistrust?

Well I certainly hope I'm contributing to the anger, and it's encouraging to hear that you think so. I contribute my time, my passion, and I share information when I can to raise awareness about the Palestinian cause. I work with Friends of Palestine WA (FOPWA) on local events and protests. I do stuff and write stuff and argue with people like you.

The question is, what the fuck do you do? Besides what you're legally obligated to do - vote, pay your taxes and share the same pools and parks with Arabs - what do you do? "Believing" in a two-state solution while Israel takes irreversible steps to make that outcome impossible is not action. And as a citizen of Israel doing nothing is, in my view, tantamount to complicity in its crimes.

Bottom line: there are enough apologists out there for Israel without liberal Zionists like you making excuses for barbarism and picking petty fights with people like me. The Zionist-owned and controlled Western media is doing a fine job of guarding the gate on the Palestine issue and maintaining the status quo, so if you're not pushing in the other direction as hard as you can you're fucking useless as far as I'm concerned. said...

Here's one that'll make you smile.

Fuck Zionism. I don't give a shit about any of that. I want exactly what the majority of Palestinians want. The ability to live my life in peace and for my children to live theirs in safety. I believe my elected representatives want roughly the same. I don't believe the elected representatives in Gaza do.

I asked you a question about whether or not you supported the methods Hamas is using to resist. Targeting and murdering civilians.

You chose not to answer but came back with racist bullshit about Zionist-controlled media. What evidence do you have that the owners of "Western media" are Zionists? Please provide a list of media owners and links to where they self-identify as Zionists.

Failing that, please retract this rubbish.

Again I ask you, do you support the armed resistance of Hamas against the occupying force of Israel in its declaration that all civilians in the West Bank are fair game. said...

By the way, I've been to Egypt and to Amman with my Israeli passport and never felt the slightest physical threat or discomfort.

Your racist assumptions about the inhabitants of those great places tells me everything I need to know about where your true sympathies lie.

Israel made peace with Egypt and Jordan years ago. We have open borders with these countries.

You claim to know more about history that the average settler. That's perfectly possible. Most are religious fanatics not known for their cosmopolitan outlook. But you have revealed here your overwhelming ignorance of the facts on the ground.

You don't know The West Bank. You don't know Israel or Israelis. You don't know Hamas. You're just a mildly anti-semitic Marxist do-gooder sticking your nose in business you can't be arsed to investigate.

I moved to Israel 15 years ago and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust. It had everything to do with NF graffiti in London and being spat at and sworn at and physically attacked because of my religion. I'm not talking about Nazi Germany, I'm talking about 90s London. I chose to bring up my children in a country where they could either be proud of their religion or ignore it completely. It's their choice. Neither was an option in England.

Since I left I see the BNP were elected to the European Parliament and Nick Griffin gets on Question Time. You must be very proud. said...

D'oh. I finally worked out that you're in Oz, not the UK. My bad.

Sorry for the mix up.

Infensus Mentis said...

I wish you didn't resort to the 'anti-Semite' thing. Yesterday I was thinking, I kind of like this guy. Whatever this dude may believe, he's not a bad person and at least he hasn't arbitrarily pulled the 'hate' card on me.

Look, I don't hate Jews and I think you know that. I think you're intelligent and savvy enough to get a vibe on what motivates me. So please, just lay off that bullshit.

"I asked you a question about whether or not you supported the methods Hamas is using to resist. Targeting and murdering civilians."

I don't support the targeting of civilians under any circumstances. Full stop, end of. But the fact that you can talk to me about HAMAS and the murder of civilians with a straight face after Cast Lead took the lives of roughly 900 of them (1,400 lives in total), and given that the overall death toll is overwhelmingly due to Israeli aggression -- that's just mind-boggling to me. Actually, it sickens me.

I support the Palestinians' right to armed resistance, including and especially HAMAS, as much as it saddens me that there has to be any killing at all. And armed Israeli settlers are no longer civilians in my view, just as armed Palestinians relinquish their status as civilians during a military conflict. But having said all that, it seems to me that the very nature of resistance (and you used that word yourself, 'resist') delegitimises the violence perpetrated by the side responsible for those conditions. In other words, I don't see the Israel-Palestine conflict as a baffling Zen-like chicken-or-egg riddle. One side is the oppressor and the other the oppressed -- simple. The Israeli colonial enterprise is a greedy, uncompromising, illegitimate force of aggression. This pretty much says it all. "Fuck Zionism" indeed.

When a man beats his wife, you don't sit around trying to arrange peace talks while he's punching her in the face. You don't waste time trying to work out what his wife may have done to deserve it. This is basically how the world has responded to the Israeli occupation of Palestine over the decades, thanks to Israel's stooge, the United States. That's impunity, that's what I "hate", and that's why I fight for Palestine.

Infensus Mentis said...

Fuck Zionism. I don't give a shit about any of that. I want exactly what the majority of Palestinians want. The ability to live my life in peace and for my children to live theirs in safety.

You have what you want. The Palestinians don't. But you clearly "don't give a shit about any of that".

I believe my elected representatives want roughly the same.

That's a howler if I've ever heard one. They want the whole of historic Palestine, nothing less, and they've made that quite clear.

You chose not to answer but came back with racist bullshit about Zionist-controlled media. What evidence do you have that the owners of "Western media" are Zionists?

It's no secret that Jews are massively over-represented in Hollywood and the media. It's also no secret that most American Jews are liberals, and most of them are Zionists. What is the result? A Zionist-controlled media. I won't apologise for pointing out that which is so obviously true. If you want to call me a racist and an anti-Semite for it, go ahead.

Please provide a list of media owners and links to where they self-identify as Zionists.

Check this, and fact check the information yourself. You'll find that it was accurate at the time of writing (it's dated 2009, but it's a few years old). I see no reason to believe that since the information was compiled there's been a gentile takeover of the U.S. media complex.

And before you spit vitriol over my linking to "anti-Semitic" websites or using "hateful" references, let me remind you that you asked for information, and that's what I've offered you. Stick to the information and challenge me on its veracity -- save the opprobrium for someone else.

Infensus Mentis said...

"By the way, I've been to Egypt and to Amman with my Israeli passport and never felt the slightest physical threat or discomfort.

"Your racist assumptions about the inhabitants of those great places tells me everything I need to know about where your true sympathies lie."

I'm confused. Am I an anti-Semite or an Arab-hater? Or do I just hate everyone equally?

And where do you suppose my "true sympathies" lie? If I have no sympathy for Jews, Palestinians, Jordanians or Egyptians, where the hell are my true sympathies?

Anonymous said...

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